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We have all been to memorable places that over time continue to bring a smile and a warm feeling. For us, that place is Sedona, Arizona. My husband and I were drawn to visit this beautiful area years ago and were later married on Bell Rock. Now our dream is to make Sedona our home. We want to keep our connection strong with this beautiful land.

After watching the DVD “The Secret,” we thought of a wonderful idea that we could work on together to manifest our dream. We have started “Inner Peace Designs,” specializing in custom pewter pieces. Fortunately, my husband Dan has 36 years experience in the jewelry industry working as a pantographer/die maker.

Since we were married on Bell Rock, we decided to make our first project a memento of that special place. The Bell Rock Memento is a reminder of our personal beginning in Sedona. However, we also know it will have a special appeal to others, who like us, have fallen in love with Red Rock country. We hope it will evoke strong and lasting memories for you as well.

After creating that first memento of Bell Rock, things began to develop quickly and we were inspired to create a complete Sedona Red Rock Series, and then, a Sedona Wildlife Series. There are moments in Sedona that we will never forget. Sedona captured us, and this artistic endeavor, is our way of surrendering. We hope our collection will enchant you as Sedona has enchanted us.

People who have begun to collect these pewter memories have already told us that the pieces bring back good thoughts and powerful feelings of their time in Sedona. That’s the greatest compliment our work can receive. If our pieces can help re-create memories with the promise of good things to come, our effort will have been most worthwhile and rewarding.

Please check back to see what new creations are in the making. And feel free to email us your memorable places so that we may capture them for you artistically.

Monique and Dan LaCroix

Posted on May 29, 2007 by admin

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